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studio of Intermedia / Temporary Arts

head: Štěpánka Šimlová /
assistant: Jiří Procházka

The Intermedia Studio launches a yearly programme of a visiting professor:


Temporary Arts is a multidisciplinary non-commissioned art studio. It takes for basis the context of new-media, inter-media, super-media, trans-media, hyper-media and mixed-media studios… and prefers to be rather a united-media studio but can also do without any media at all.

Temporary is New Forever for us. We like to work with the format of a studio as a time-limited environment. We limit the duration of the studio for one year. Temporariness has more energy and gets more attention.

Temporary Arts is a temporary home for all invisible rebels, fatal optimists, influencers without followers and critical minds.

Use anything you want – all medias stay united.
Be anything you want – all creatures welcome.
Emotions are not crime.
Intuition rulez.
No masters, just work.
Decentralization and self-organizing are the keys.
Systematic improvization – neccesery.
Constructive deconstruction – positive.