Katedra fotografie FAMU

Studio of Imaginative Photography

head: Rudo Prekop

This studio is built on two foundations: on the experiences of students with portraying figures and portraits and on the spontaneous need for free creative experiment. This is the fundament based on which contact is built and dialogue established between the student and studio head on the bachelor level. On the master’s level the studio offers creative space for students working across all genres and creating in the entire photographic expressive spectrum. Here the boundaries between fine art, documentary, multimedia or another form of image message are annulled. It is because we want to stress the message itself.

Within the scope of this “Autonomous studio” individual semester exercises are executed according to the assignment of the studio head. These exercises are not invariable, but, on the contrary, they react to the “spirit of a specific time”. Emphasis is placed on the idea background, sensibility and individual creative position of every student who will reach a specific creative output through interaction and dialogue with the teacher.

The studio head also selects and invites teachers for workshops, including personalities from the photographic, film and fine art scene. These workshops take place either throughout each semester or throughout the year, according to the schedule determined by the teacher. The purpose is for the students to get exposed to a wide spectrum of individualities that pass on their creative experiences, opinions, positions, esprit and more to the participating students.