Katedra fotografie FAMU

Studio of Classic Photography

head: Martin Stecker / assistants: Jan Douša a David Stecker

The studio of classical photography is focused on the technological processes of the origin of a photograph. The content is designed for students who are able to manage certain technical tasks that will open up the path for them to implementing their own creative objectives. The students in this studio receive help in analysing the processes leading to previously established objectives. The teaching program includes a confrontation with various technologies and delimiting their specifics that can often become the only bearer of the realization of the selected objective.

The first pillar in this studio is working with large-format photographs. Students have the opportunity to work with negatives of up to the size 18 x 24 cm and subsequently make classical blow ups on traditional gelatine silver print of up to one meter dimensions. The students are also introduced to classical coloured photographs and developing coloured inversive materials.

This studio also includes workshops with a focus on historical photographic techniques such as gum print, cyanotype, bromoil print or working with gelatine and its transferring to non-standard materials.

The second pillar of this studio is devoted to technological innovation. It involves examining and evaluating the possibilities of digital photography and other technologies that partake on the recording of an optical image. This includes studies of sources of light, possibilities of controlled movement of the camera with the help of a robotic head, and shooting from up high using the possibility of controlling the image with the help of a wifi connection.