Katedra fotografie FAMU

The FAMU door / Lin Junye

24. 3. – 5. 4. 2016
Opening: 18:00
Lažanský palác (Smetanovo nábřeží 2) 

Video work “The space project” by student Lin Junye can be interpreted as everyday experience during her studies at Famu in Prague.
On the one hand the work is about observation and taking into consideration the moments we usually pass by without noticing. Automatic actions like going to the school, returning to the flat or going for the toilet is poeticized. Or even politicized? If we consider and start to think about potential of symbolic meanings. For example, the picture of the cross marks left on wall could be interpreted as spent or left days in the prison, the image of flying plane – as the opportunity to escape, the light on the floor – as a hope. Do the author wishes to draw attention to her discomfort in a foreign country?
On the other hand it describes the space and time left outside of the video frame. The motion of objects and systems of bodies. The viewer is left without consideration of the reason nor the forces that caused the motion.
“A space project” begins and ends with a description of condition of known values of the position and continues with different acceleration of various points and moments that are a part of the system.
Can we determine the position and without arguments to say: “What a beautiful morning outside! ”?

Ivars Gravlejs

Posted on: 21. 3. 2016, Editor KF FAMU