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Guest lecture // Open Eye: Kateřina Svatoňová

Wed. April 26th 2017 at 7:00pm
FAMU, Smetanovo náb. 2, Room U1, 1. floor
(lecture will be simultaneously translated into English)

The lecture will introduce the recently released monograph called In Between Images: Jaroslav Kučera’s Media Practices which is a critical processing of a completely unknown estate of one of the leading Czech cinematographers, Jaroslav Kučera, a longtime teacher at FAMU, a co-worker of Věra Chytilová, Vojtěch Jasný, Karel Kachyňa, Zdeněk Podskalský, Oldřich Lipský and Petr Weigl. The lecture, accompanied by materials from the estate, will try to theoretically address the work of a cinematographer and their basic media practices in general and also to describe specific approaches used by Jaroslav Kučera. Through this visual archive, it will allow to approach Kučera’s view and examine the links between his own photography and private filmmaking and his professional shooting.

Kateřina Svatoňová is the head of the Department of Film Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, in Prague. On a long-term basis, she has been studying the theory, history and philosophy of the media, media/archaeological research of (Czech) modern art, the transformations of the (perception of) the space and time in visual culture and the relationship between film and other media. She is a curator of exhibitions concerning the history of film and media, an editor of several publications and monothematic periodicals and the author of books 2 ½ D: The Space (in) the Film in the Context of Literature and Visual Art (2008), Unbound Images: Archaeology of the Czech Virtual Space (2013) and In Between Images: Jaroslav Kučera’s Media Practices (2016).

Posted on: 24. 4. 2017, Editor KF FAMU