Katedra fotografie FAMU

Polák in Poland

Unlike what used to be the habit in the past, the field of art creation and the artistic practice of many of the contemporary students at the Department of Photography of FAMU, Prague, has expanded noticeably to and beyond the borders of the medium of photography, both in the direction of a moving image or object and in the direction of the production of whole immersive environments. Never before did their works refer so much to the discourse of contemporary art and so little to photography as a separate artistic sub-discipline. Conversion of several selected individual artistic positions back into the medium of photography, namely the photography of documentary nature, can be interpreted in many ways: ironic/literal, i.e. in order to meet the expectations of exhibiting photographs at a photography festival; ironic/historical, with reference to André Malraux’s “imaginary museum”, where the medium of photography allows to make an ideal selection of the works of art; ironic/pragmatic, to use the relative easiness in terms of installation and transport of a set of photographs compared to other media; ironic/conceptual, to demonstrate the possibility to be “assisted” in any creative activity by a “concept”. Martin Polák, who has been specialising, in addition to his own works of art, in taking pictures of the works of art and exhibitions of other artists in tandem with Lukáš Jasanský, has been invited to create photographs. He is considered to be the standard in this discipline and, in his own exhibition projects, he has repeatedly blurred the border between art and photography documenting art. Coincidentally, he is Polish, which may contribute to the positive acceptance of the project in the present-day Poland.

Posted on: 22. 5. 2019, Jan Maštera