Katedra fotografie FAMU

Otroke na počitnicah / Slaves on holidays

Festival Fotopub 2017

July 31st – August 5th 2017
Novo mesto

A summer sampler of the current art production of the students of the Department of Photography at the FAMU school, Prague, presents a kaleidoscopic probe into approaches to the medium of photography, technical photography, moving images and other related disciplines. Without unnecessary descriptiveness, one can identify the appropriation and ironising of YouTube aesthetics, the exploitation of personal mythology and family histories, the recycling of pop-culture references and the creation of objects in which photographic experience blends with the starting points of the contemporary theory. Contemporary, fresh works of art, not students’ and definitely not childish or slaves’ works of art, as the name of the presentation could misleadingly indicate, referring to a pun that is hard to resist.

Adam Mička
Max Vajt
Minghui Zheng
Valentýna Janů
Ira Zakharova
Šimon Levitner
Johana Novotná
Veronika Čechmánková
Oskar Helcel


Posted on: 5. 7. 2017, Editor KF FAMU