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OpenEye16: Pedro Maia

16. 3. 2016 / 7 pm / room U1, FAMU, Lažanský palác, Smetanovo nábřeží 2
Dpt. of Photography in cooperation with Center for audiovisual studies. www.famu.cz


Portuguese filmmaker working mostly around the concept of Analogue Cinema, exploring the medium potentiality, and expanding the aesthetic and technological “heritage” of the classic films procedures of working with 16mm and 8mm material. Collaborates with numerous musicians across the rock and electronic scenes and his works has been presented in numerous film festivals and galleries. Since 2004 has been developing live cinema concept, manipulating images in real time and interacting with sound, which collaborated with several musicians such as Panda Bear, Lee Ranaldo, Fennesz, Vessel, Craig Leon, Demdike Stare, Sandro Perri, Shackleton, Jacaszek, Tropic of Cancer, and others.

OpenEye 2016 is a series of guest lectures by theorists, artists and lecturers addressing the themes of contemporary arts and new technologies. The lectures are open to students of FAMU and other art academies, universities and the general public. They are held in English or simultaneously translated.

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