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Open Eye – Guest Lecture: Filip Cenek: Artist Talk

Wed. March 8th 2017 at 7:00pm
FAMU, Smetanovo náb. 2
Room U1, 1. floor
(lecture will be simultaneously translated into English)

Questions concerning the possibility of capturing the reality, the subjective experiencing of the reality, the quest for one’s own reflection in it or the understanding of memory as an uncontrollably transforming, falsifying archive of our lives can be raised by the projection of Filip Cenek in which one text information randomly illustrates various visual information, thereby constantly changing our understanding of the situation and reinterpreting the reality. The autobiographic quality and a diary record of life is then evoked by the work of Jonas Mekas, an avant-garde filmmaker, photographer and performer who, with incredible intensity and, at the same time, ease, strives to capture the reality using moving images, while going far behind the “recording event” which is always, to some extent, arranged and thus deviated from real life.

Filip Cenek works as the head of the Department of Audiovisual Technologies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, VUT, in Brno where he has been teaching subjects related to the production and reception of moving images since 2003. Several recent projects from his residential stays in Rijeka, New York and Vilnius, where he worked mostly in the area of acoustic interventions, will be complemented by the reflection of his older works which were focused on specific audio-visual revision of remembering and imaginarity.

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