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Open Eye: Barbora Kleinhamplová

Wed. Feb. 22nd 2017 at 7:00pm
FAMU, Smetanovo náb. 2
Room U1, 1. floor
(lecture will be simultaneously translated into English)

Barbora Kleinhamplová: Anxiety

Everybody suffers from anxiety to some degree, yet, it remains taboo in some way, we are silent about it. We do not consider it a symptom of the times that says nothing about an individual as such but about the system in which he or she lives. Anxiety is of ambivalent nature. It does not only represent paralysis, fear to step out of one’s place, it can also have the opposite effect. If we understand that the entire society suffers from anxiety, it can turn into a catalyst of a change.

Barbora Kleinhamplová graduated from FAMU and AVU. On a long-term basis, she examines the spectrum of symptoms that reveal the state of the contemporary society. Along with Tereza Stejskalová, she created a book of interviews entitled Who is an Artist? She worked as a photographer for A2larm. She has had several residential stays abroad: Gasworks London, MMCA Seoul, etc. Among other places, she exhibited her works at the Gwangju Biennale in Korea, Astrup Farnley Musset in Norway, in the New Museum in New York, etc.

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