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OE16: Patryk Grzeszczuk – This War of Mine

Wed. November 9th, 7PM
FAMU, Smetanovo náb. 2
Room U1, 1. floor.
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Wed Nov-9, 7pm
Patryk Grzeszczuk – This War of Mine

This War of Mine is quite unusual computer game. It shows war from perspective of civilians and as such was a tought topic to communicate to gaming community or mainstream media in general. How communication strategy for This War of Mine game has been forged and what was the social and policital resonance after the release. Let’s see how the strategy has been made, how it worked and what was the social and political resonance after the release of the game – all the positive and negative aspects. 



11 bit studios, based in Warsaw, Poland, is a multiplatform game development studio selling games worldwide. In 2010 we started with Anomaly Series, which received Apple Design Award and a number of other titles. The next big thing was This War of Mine, released in 2014 after two years of work. The cost of development were covered in first weekend after the premiere, and since then the game keeps being one of the topsellers on Steam and other distribution platforms. The games developed by 11 bit studios received a great esteem from both, players and worldwide gaming media, which resulted in number of awards, including Best of PAX, Independent Games Festival Audience Award and SXSW Matthew Crump Cultural Innovation Award, Games4Change Best Gameplay & People’s Choice Award at G4C.

OpenEye16 is a series of guest lectures by theorists, artists and lecturers addressing the themes of contemporary arts and new technologies. The lectures are open to students of FAMU and other art academies, universities and the general public. They are held in English or simultaneously translated.

FAMU, Smetanovo náb. 2, Prague 1
Room U1, 1st floor (unless mentioned otherwise). 
OpenEye series is organized by FAMU — Dpt. of Photography in cooperation with Center for audiovisual studies. 

Posted on: 7. 11. 2016, Editor KF FAMU