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Jirka Skála – Litany of Precariat

The lecture focuses on the transition of a part of the world population from the state and corporations controlled economy to the shared economy. Jirka Skála will attempt to interpret the possible reasons for this social and economic transition, using the Internet phenomenon Unboxing. At the same time, he will try to answer the crucial question: Is this type of economy the right solution to our problems? Responses to environmental problems, fairer distribution of income and capital, gender equality and excluded groups, or the growing influence of authoritarian regimes and extreme right-wing movements.

Jirka Skála (born in 1976, Sušice) is an artist and teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts as a assistant professor at Intermédia 3 Studio. His most notable works include Microfiltration (in collaboration with Mark Ther, 2001) or Handwriting Exchange, 2006, series of photographs Two Groups of Objects from 2007, which was followed by book One Group of Objects (2010) and the Internet project The Third Group of Objects (2011-12). In recent years, participatory work such as Physical Exercise with Digital Image from 2014, Between Agora and Arena (in cooperation with Tomáš Uhnák, 2015), Playgrounds, Documents of Unpaid Work, Recreation and Laziness (2106) and Artists’ Work and Other Activities from last year.

Posted on: 12. 3. 2018, Export Data