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Jirka Skála: untitled fourth time and untitled fifth time

October 27th. – 28th.  
from 4pm
Studio of Intermedia, Politických vězňů 19, Praha 1

untitled fourth time and untitled fifth time
(and maybe untitled sixth time)

These are two more events which happened within Letná Studio program. These were focused on emancipatory strategies. During both events together with the visitors who were also the participants I watched some videos on the YouTube server. Bothe events lasted for 22 hours. Originally we planned to spend the whole day watching videos, but due to physical fatigue and the inability to concentrate, we finished two hours earlier.

At the beginning I didn’t have clear idea how to play the videos, but in cooperation with others I developed a method, where the videos are played accordingly: at the end on each video the offer of either nine or twelve new videos, so called suggestions, comes up, and the task of each participant is to choose one video from this offer. After certain time each participant gets stuck among videos with certain subject matter a his task become to choose that video which will help him get out of the viscous circle and to continue further. Thus, to discover as many videos with unexpected content as possible. Videos saved on servers of private corporations, such as Google. To walk through seemingly endless spaces of cyberspace, which supervised by powerful algorithms is constantly rearranged according to individual user needs. These needs are given to us, though. And the purpose of this event is to teach our senses as well as our brain to prevent this givenness, to avoid it, to free one from it.

Jirka Skála



Posted on: 18. 10. 2016, Editor KF FAMU