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Jakub Jansa – Club of Opportunities

The lecture is focused on phenomenon of celery roots. There is a their brief history in the context of art and philosophy. Lecture will focus on naming the basic problems inside the robust ontology of celery. The lecture will take us to the muddy universe of Club of Opportunities. We will find out who is Red Herring, Kamil Nábělek, Jakub Jansa and who will become the future Corridor manager. The lecture is a modest contribution to the verbal folk verbs and contemporary storytelling.

Jakub Jansa (* 1989) has been exploring archetypal phenomena. In his work, he freely combines various media (video, performance, installation) and builds complex environments, while using them. His work often deliberately balances on the edge of various means of expression. In his projects, Jansa does not disappear as an author and, on the contrary, he comes to the forefront of his works with conscious overstatement as he becomes the central figure in his motivational, self-development videos Spiritual Fitness (2016-17) or the guide in his Club of Opportunities (2017). His works are often set in the world of promoters of progress and increasing efficiency where permanent revolution has become an everyday necessity. He is a graduate of the Supermedia Studio of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design based in Prague (UMPRUM), under the direction of Federico Díaz, David Kořínek and Milan Mikuláštík. He had an internship in New York (Five-Eleven), was awarded residency in Switzerland (Watch Out, Engstligenalp) and France (Ceaac, Strasbourg). For the Czech Center in NY, he created a series of exhibitions called “Name of the Project is Project Itself”. Together with Tereza Havlínková runs studio of Temporary Arts on FAMU.

Posted on: 27. 3. 2018, Export Data