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Hana Buddeus – Petr Štembera in the History of Photography

The research into artists who actively worked to create Czechoslovak performance art in the seventies, and into work of Petr Štembera in particular, revealed the importance of photography for these endeavours. Typically, only a handful of friends attended live events in Prague and the missing audience was partially substituted by publishing reproductions in foreign magazines and distributing photographs for exhibitions abroad. How to deal with the photographic documentation of performance art today? And what is its place in the history of photography?

Hana Buddeus is a researcher at the Institute of Art History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. She has been employed as the Director of the Gallery of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (2013—2015) and she has co-curated several editions of the Fotograf Festival in Prague. Author of Zobrazení bez reprodukce? Fotografie a performance v českém umění sedmdesátých let 20. století (Representation without Reproduction? Photography and Performance in Czech Art of the 1970s, 2017) and of Instant Presence: Representing Art in Photography (ed., with Vojtěch Lahoda and Katarína Mašterová, 2017).

Posted on: 3. 4. 2018, Export Data