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Exhibition of The Department of Photography

All the exhibited works are to some extent results of the educational process at the Department of Photography (DP). Some of them are nameless residues of technical exercises produced at the beginning of the instructional process, others are artworks created by individual students-artists in its later stages. We assume there is some relation between these two categories of artefacts created by students of DP, we are just not sure what kind of relation it is. We also assume that all the exhibits are in some sense “photographic” – they should be, their birthplace is DP – but again, we are not ready to say in what sense. The reason is simple, we do not know what photography is, where it starts and where some other technique of image production, dissemination and consumption begins. In fact, photography has always been somewhat on the verge of itself, its identity has always been nebulous. Doing, looking at, thinking about, teaching and exhibiting photography is, as we assume, always about playing with its uncertainty, ambiguity and in-betweenness. Playing with, not against.

Exhibiting Artists: Carlos Casasola, Minghui Zheng, Veronika Čechmánková, Ines Karčáková, Max Vajt, Jiří Procházka, Richard Janeček
In addition to the works of the selected authors several sets of non-authorial technical photography exercises will be exhibited.

Curators: Josef Ledvina, Michal Šimůnek FAMU Department of Photography

Posted on: 5. 4. 2018, Export Data