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Fake me – Break the Simulation – Be Awesome

Fake me – Break the Simulation – Be Awesome

Who are you?
Who you really really are?
– I am what I am! –

We humans usually wonder
how to realize our distinctive identity.
– Be yourself! –

In art we all strive to express ourselves.
To find an original point or perspective.
– Think Different! –

But how to be yourself,
when this is what a sneakers ad tells you?
– Just Do It! –

Is fashion the axis of our identity
or is having an identity just a fashion?
[Jakub Svoboda]
– Share the Fantasy! –

Do we shape our surrounding,
or do we mold like the fabric on and of our bodies?
[Klára Jakešová]
– Share the Fantasy! –

How to find our communion and ritual, where everything
actually repeats, without delivering the denouement?
[Adam Směták, Martin Dušek]
– Impossible is nothing! –

How to call out when everybody screams?
How to declare emergency, when crisis becomes normalized?
[Richard Janeček]
– Reach out and touch someone! –

We have realized we all wear masks,
but can we take them off?
[Veronika Čechmánková]
– Is it in you?! –

Do we drag the past and its discontents with us,
or is it future that drags our present into its prepackaged set.
[Max Vajt]
– It’s the real thing! –

Maybe we are just living in a simulation,
like chatbots and avatars we follow our fake me.
[Erika Štěpánková]
– Does she or doesn’t she?! –

Do we care about fame,
when everyone is a microcelebrity?
[Zuzana Fedorová]
– Open happiness! –

How do we orient ourselves, when our past and future,
options and threats, have switched their places?
[Olga Krykun]
– You Deserve a Break Today! –

And finally … is it the ME that is FAKE,
or do we simply FAKE the ME to make it?
– Have it your way! –

We don’t give answers and
we definitely don’t sell you any art or emotions…
– Be all that you can be! –

We invite you to be serious and careless,
to make real the FAKE and to FAKE your ME.
– Connecting people! –

You can be whoever you want,
not just the audience.
– Because You’re Worth It! –

Because we are all
fake and awesome.
– That was easy! –

People always tell you, ‘Be humble. Be humble.’ When was the last time someone told you to be amazing? Be great! Be great! Be awesome! Be awesome!
Kanye West, from ongoing twitter book “Break the simulation”

How to find our place in constant circulation?

As inhabitans of 21st century we wonder how to express ourselves beyond social
Is your me fake or the other way round we need to fake it to make it.

Break the Simulation

Be yourself! – Because You’re Worth It! – Just Do It! – Think Different! – Have it your way! – Share the Fantasy! – It is. Are you? – I think therefore IBM!

Be awesome

Who we actually are? Beyond all the social roles, stereotypization, selfpresentation, or (social) media glitter.

Erika Štěpánková, Max Vajt, Zuzana Fedorová, Klára Jakešová, Adam Směták + Martin Dušek, Veronika Čechmánková, Richard Janeček, Olga Krykun, Jakub Svoboda

Title that we humbly borrow from Kanye West ongoing book project on philosophy and current society, reminds us not only “what to do” but also, how close and inseparable


People always tell you, ‘Be humble. Be humble.’ When was the last time someone told you to be amazing? Be great! Be great! Be awesome! Be awesome!
Kanye West

What do we want from art? What do I expect from you? What do we think about millenials and current generation of youngest artist? How do they see their prospectives, how do they form their possibilities and identities?

Our exhibition gathers not only students of photography at FAMU. But also respective group of artist connected not only by their conditions but also in the way they address them.

Presented artist struggle with their account of identity and community. Rather then in reflecting or engaging with critique of current problems, they try to articulate their own problems with surveilence, consumerism, selfpresentation online or their relation to traditions or roles.


everyone will say he needs to learn how to act. At home parental acting classes are one of the first steps to us loosing who we really are to “the simulation”. Parents are our first acting coaches.
5:20 PM – Apr 18, 2018

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