Katedra fotografie FAMU

Brownfeel – Martin Dušek

On the edge of the city is a swarming heap of snail shells jutting from pieces of packaging.
People are the cells of the city. The organism City can easily become infected by its excrement.
abandoned sterility
overgrown idea
Nearby, a flattened piece of land. Concepts are clarified, we feel things are under control.
Pulled back to Plato‘s cave, shadows are blurred. Escape is a delusion. Even the sun is inside this cave.
In the midst of the mess I delineate a space using the sleeve of my sweatshirt and place an object there.
Observing and comparing particular details.
Taking and grouping items together.
Categorizing perceptions through personal criteria.
Pliable and unclear, like so many scattered words.
Babbling from a dream
But still the familiar feeling of cognition.
I leave the item, and return years later.
Meanwhile, I creep on ever more toxic soil, and mounds of words.
the future is an idea

Posted on: 28. 2. 2018, Jan Maštera