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Barbara Zitová: Pixels – where art meets science

Pixels, a tangled world of art, science, and magic – this is the place where new technological advances help create stronger emotions and the art motivates the science. The background of base research-oriented digital image processing will be exposed and the common goals of the artistic and the mathematical approaches will be explored.

Barbara Zitová received the Ph.D. degree in software systems from Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic (2000). Since 1995, she has been with the Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Czech Academy of Sciences (2008 – head of the Department of Image Processing). She gives undergraduate and graduate courses on digital image processing and wavelets in image processing with Czech Technical University and the Charles University. Her research interests include geometric invariants, image enhancement, image registration and image fusion, and image processing applications in cultural heritage and in medical imaging. She has authored/coauthored over 50 research publications in these areas, including two monographs on the moment theory. Since 2018 she is the coordinator of the research programme Hopes and risks of the digital era
in the AV21 Strategy activity (av21.avcr.cz).

Posted on: 26. 2. 2019, Jan Maštera