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Barbara Benish: Sea Weeds (2015-16)

This body of work explores the lowly “weeds” of the sea, the algae and kelp species of coastal regions around the world. Like land weeds, these plant forms are integral to the biodiversity of oceanic ecosystems, and are often overlooked as ‘non-human’ species. Since ancient times, these weeds, like their dry land cousins, have been recognized for their medicinal properties. The symbiosis of plant and animal life on earth, now threatened by human-induced climate change, invites us to honor the beauty and specificity of these small species. Formatted in 19th century scientific models, the images recall a romanticized, pre-anthropocenic historical period, before man-made chemical disruptors were threating the biodiversity and future of the planet.
Arched red seaweed/ Fryeella gardneri

Posted on: 5. 11. 2016, Editor KF FAMU