Katedra fotografie FAMU

Important dates

Important dates for Spring term of the Final State Exams – for Expectors academic year 2016/2017

Feb 9th – presentation of exhibition projects with the jury 
April 3rd – deadline for submission of thesis
February – May – due to consult the exhibition projects according the individual plan made by the tutor
June 1st 
– Deadline for the installation in Gallery AMU 
June 2nd – Gallery open just for opponents and tutors (supervisors) – opponets and tutors review
June 8th – 9th Final Exam of Theory of Photography, defence of Theoretical Thesis and Techniques of Photography (just for BA)
June 14th –Final Commissions (klauzura): Studio of Documentary Photography, Studio of Experimental and Studio Photography and Studio of Post- conceptual Photography
June 15th – Final Commissions (klauzura): in Gallery AMU and Studio of Inetrmedia 
June 16th – Final Commissions (klauzura): Studio of Classic Photography

Important dates for Autumn term of the Final State Exams – academic year 2016/2017

June 19th – 3nd Bc a 2nd Mg – presentation of Final exhibition projects in process with the jury for autumn term of Final exam (Mg students show also book)
June 21st – Dealine for submission for Final State Exam (in Kos)
June 23nd – Deadline for application for Master program