Katedra fotografie FAMU



Start: September 2018

Language: English


Suggested readings

The Department of Photography offers a Master’s Program in Photography in the English language.
Students studying in the English language have also the opportunity to participate in the lectures in the English language in the FAMU International Program. The students also have the possibility to work in the studios led by renowned teachers. 

Studio of classic photography
head: Martin Stecker 
The studio of classical photography is focused on the technological processes of the origin of a photograph. The content is designed for students who are able to manage certain technical tasks that will open up the path for them to implementing their own creative objectives. The students in this studio receive help in analysing the processes leading to previously established objectives. The teaching program includes a confrontation with various technologies and delimiting their specifics that can often become the only bearer of the realization of the selected objective. 

Studio of Intermedia 
head: Štěpánka Šimlová 
This studio is designed for students who are working on specific technical images and would like to transfer them to other media. They freely move between installations, objects and site-specific projects. Emphasis is placed here on the use of form and material as the carrier of the message. 

Studio of Documentary Photography
head: Markéta Kinterová
Documentary photography encompasses a wide range of samples and approaches. Beginning with the effort to capture reality, with an emphasis on realism or subordinated to the intentions of a de ned concept or ideology. Documentary photography has gone through great development, particularly in the last century and in the Czech tradition, also, depends upon some real distinct milestones. It is essential to include this tradition among the sources, as rare among current starting points. 

Studio of experimental and studio Photography
head: Rudo Prekop
This studio is built on two foundations: on the experiences of students
with portraying figures and portraits and on the spontaneous need for free creative experiment. This is the fundament based on which contact is built and dialogue established between the student and studio head on the bachelor level. On the master’s level the studio offers creative space for students working across all genres and creating in the entire photographic expressive spectrum. Here the boundaries between ne art, documentary, multimedia or another form of image message are annulled. It is because we want to stress the message itself. 

Studio of Postconceptual Photography
head: Jiří Thýn
This studio is a dynamic structure that strives to develop students’ original approaches. The students should be able to reflect current tendencies in contemporary art and be able to adopt an informed standpoint towards these based on their knowledge of history of photography and contemporary art. Contemporary art is characteristic for interweaving the boundaries of individual genres and media. It is no longer possible to speak just about photography but about a whole context of art.