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According to numerous sources, we make around 35,000 decisions daily. Usually, we are overwhelmed with lots of variants, which puts us in a difficult position. Already in the 1950s, based on research, psychologist George Miller, determined the optimal number of choices as seven. I want to check what real impact a person living in the global world has on his decisions.

Social media have a colossal influence on all areas of life. For several years, basically every political campaign in the west has been taking place mainly in the virtual world. This was perfectly visible during the US presidential election, during which unreliable and sometimes even false information about both candidates was repeatedly published. Distinguishing between true information and fake news is very difficult. In addition, the user is locked up in a filter bubble, in which he is condemned to a self-driving cycle of opinions, he is never directed at different topics or points of view.

I my works I am asking questions about the heft of rules and schemes on our choices, do we think about the consequences of our actions, how do we perceive our decisions in the era of capitalism and the crisis of authorities?

Every choice requires some hard thinking work. If there is a problem, there is also a solution. Thanks to our brain we can find solutions. This leads me to think that: If there is no brain, there is no problem.

Publikováno: 16. 10. 2019, Jan Maštera