Katedra fotografie FAMU

Another Try for Explanation (but not today)

Galerie AMU
17. 1. – 26. 1. 2020
Vernisáž: 16. ledna 2020, 18:00

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Jaro Varga: Memory of Hands

Ani minulosti, ani budúcnosti sa rukami dotktúť nevieme. Samozrejme, na úrovni jazyka, môžeme úplne zrušiť čas, zameniť minulosť a budúcnosť, vyhnúť sa prítomnosti.

Julie Béna

Julie Béna’s practice constitutes an eclectic set of references, combining contemporary and ancient literature, high and low art, joking, and seriousness, parallel times and spaces.


While machine-readable images have by now become a constant reference point for photographic theory and contemporary visual media studies, our event turns to the question: what are the specialised expert-readable image practices that cater to the technical specificities, institutional demands, and particular knowledge-roles of visual culture.

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